The beginnings

1978 to 1992…

1978 :

It’s in 1978 where it all began. Jessie Taras, a young entrepreneur starts Luzernobec. Alone then, she was harvesting and packing sprouts in her appartment located in the heart of Montreal on Sherbrooke West.

1992 :

With the rising popularity of sprouts and the desire to have her products on the Ontarian market, Jessie knew she couldn’t do it alone. She wanted someone with the same ambition and core values. It’s then when she met her new business partner – Barbara J. Mason.
In order to supply both provinces, they agree on establishing themselves midway. Rigaud becomes their new home. Combining the knowledge of the newly formed duo opened doors for new products and improving the production system.


Like in any business, decisions must be taken, some are easy and some less. In 2002, Jessie and Barbara come to agree to take part. This heartbreaking decision was necessary for the prosperity of Aquafuchsia. Once more, Jessie finds herself holding the fort.


2012 to Today

2012 :

After over 34 years of hard work, Jessie knows that time is ticking and the business is continually growing. She starts her hunt for the new generation, however, she’s not ready to let go so easily.

2015 :

Three years later and many offers on the table, Miss Taras finally meets her match. Knowing that money is a simple currency, Jessie wanted someone she can trust, someone who had the same core values and same vision for the business. In 2015, Jean-Pierre Joseph came to Jessie not as the typical investor, but as a student that would like to truly understand the rudiments of hydroponics. Throughout many conversations, she came to the conclusion that Jean-Pierre was the person she was willing to pass down her legacy to.


Despite the fact that Rigaud is a beautiful city and has great citizens, the distance between Marché Central market – located at the junction of highway 15 and 40 – and the production facility, was way far-off. A new warehouse was needed.
Being the main supplier for chain stores and wholesalers, the pursuit of a new home ended in Laval.

May 1st 2016, our state of the art warehouse was finally operative. The following October we were the first Canadian company in its category to obtain the CanadaGAP Options C&D certification.


Standing by our word when we were handed the reins, we worked in collaboration with our production team to bring something new to the table. In the past year, we’ve developed 3 new varieties : Kale shoots, Carrot shoots and Wild Garlic shoots.
We’re not done just yet, stay tuned…


Innovation is the fuel that pushes us to grow on a daily basis. True to our heritage, research and development of new products inspire and push our vision further.

Mission :

We are constantly working to find new ways to innovate, create and package wholefoods and thus without any use of chemicals or pesticides. Our goal : offer original and superior quality products on the Quebec market.

Our values :

Our values, anchored in our DNA, are carried through every aspect of our business. Respect, integrity and the commitment for the environment & well being of our consumers are Aquafuchsia’s founding values.

Besides our mission, we have at heart the development of the next generation. Therefore, collaboration and good governance are essential values for mentoring.